- 1 lb
minced meat
- 2 tbsp bengal gram

- 5 or as per taste dried red chili pepper

-1/2 tsp garam masala powder
-to taste salt

- 3 cups Water
- 1 large, finely chopped onion
- 6 finely chopped green chili
- 1 beaten egg
- as reqd for frying cooking oil


Boil all the ingredients from minced meat to water, till the meat is cooked properly.

Cool the mixture and any drain the water completely.

Grind the mixture in a grinder or a grinding stone. (Tastes best when ground on a grinding stone!) Mix with the mixture the onion and green chilies.

Shape into 2 inch flat round or oval shaped kebabs. Keep aside.

Heat oil properly. Dip each kebab in beaten egg and fry till it turns light brown. Serve with bread (paratha or Nan) and wine.