- 1 kilogram (4 cups) of Valencia oranges (Jam can be made from any citrus fruit you like but please note that a jam will only set if the fruit has sufficient quantities of pectin, acid and sugar).
- 750 grams (3 cups) sugar

- 1 cup of orange peels (optional as this gives the jam a bit more of a bitter taste)


Remove the skin, seeds, pips and stones of the oranges. Cook oranges and a small amount of sugar in a saucepan until the fruit is tender. This takes about 5 minutes or until oranges are just tender.

Add the remaining sugar and stir through. When you are boiling jams, to prevent burning the jam, a large glass marble placed in the pan is better than stirring.

When the sugar is completely dissolved, cook rapidly until the jam sets when tested. A jam will only set if the fruit has sufficient quantities of pectin, acid and sugar. If you want to, add orange peels to the mixture to give the jam a bitter taste.

Make sure the orange peels are washed thoroughly. You can also buy orange peels in bags from your supermarket
To test and find out when the jell-point has been reached, put a small mix of the jam you are cooking on a very cold plate and draw a path through it with a knife.

If the path stays and the jam doesn't run together, the jell-point has been reached and your jam has passed the test.
Wash 2 jars with plenty of soap and rinse well. Heat the glass jam jars, without lids, in a low oven (100°C (212°F) for about 15-20 minutes.

This is to sterilise the jars and help keep your orange jam tasty and fresh longer. Finally fill your jars with the jam and place lid on immediately. Let cool. Give the jam at least 3 hours to set and then enjoy your tasty jam on a toast. Once the jar is opened, store in the fridge for up to 6 weeks.